Saturday, November 1, 2008

First Halloween

This year was Mason first Halloween and we dressed him up as a little turtle. How appropriate for living in Hawaii! Our church was having a Fall Festival so we decided to take Mason. Even though he is still to young to play with all those big kids he loves staring at them. I feel bad sometimes because he gets this look in his eyes that he wants to go a play with them but does not know how to move towards them, before he knows it he will be running around with them. They had some little rides and games for the kiddos and food mmmm. We also got the opportunity to se a beautiful horse. After we ate we decided to take Mason to go see the sunset. This was his first time at the beach. I loved his expression when he got to feel the sand and water. We also got some awesome pictures. I was telling Raul how this time next year Mason will almost be 2 years old. I cant believe how quickly time is going by. It makes me appreciate every minute I spent with my little guy even more. Everyday I am amazed at how wonderful God is by blessing us with our little boy. I know HE has amazing plans for that 3lb baby. Every pound and every milestone Mason is proof of Gods grace and power!

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