Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Beach Trip

For Veterans day we decided to take Mason swimming at the beach for the 1st time. We went to KoOlina since they dont have the killer waves like North Shore. The week prior we had taken him to the pool and he really seemed to enjoy that but we had to get out cause he started sticking his hand in the water then putting it in his mouth. N/e who I got him all dressed with his UV protected swim stuff which Raul thinks its to much but I for sure dont want to have a burnt baby. Raul took him to the water and he got a bit scared at first because it was cold. When we were all in he really liked it. He was so relaxed in the water that he fell asleep. We took him out and he finished his little nap under a palm tree. After he woke up he played a bit with dad and then we headed home since we did not want to expose him to too much sun.

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