Monday, September 29, 2008

Our trip home

Mason at 4 months 4 days
So we just got back from GA and we had a lot of fun. We hung out with friends and family and ate out A LOT. We tried to hit all of our favorite restaurants. Our family was sooo happy to meet Mason and he got spoiled bad. They had a welcome home party for him and it seemed like everyone we know and was there. I also gave Raul a surprise UGA party but i dont think it was much of a surprise since he was snooping around all week.

This was a good picture of the them
We took Mason to his first Braves game and that was a lot of fun for Raul since he is so into sports. Mason did really good at the game he did not fuss at all he was just looking around the whole time we where there.

In the last three weeks Mason has grown up so much. He tries to sit up now, he babbles like crazy, he is getting more control of his arms and puts whatever he is holding in his mouth. The week that we left he started going bald :(. He has lost most of his baby hair and is looking like a little old man i think its funny.

Grandpa hair
Raul is very excited about going toy shopping since Mason plays a lot more now. Secretly i know he just want the toys for himself. Mason smiles now and when Raul got back from NTC he made him laugh. I got it all on film and we both about cried when it happen.