Monday, August 4, 2008

Parenting sites

So I would like to share some sites that where shared with me by my
friend and mommy, Cat.I have learned a lot from them and have really
helped me on those days that I struggle or even question my
parenting style.

The first one I really like I try to do as much as I can to practice AP.
Most of the things I already did even before knowing what AP was.
As a mom we sometimes automatically do certain thingsto care for our
young. I think people even my husband looks at me funny when I say I
dont like to hear Mason cry. Even if it means nursing him constantly I
rather have a happy baby than hear him cry. As I was reading some AP
stuff and Dr Sears stuff I became aware that im not the only one. Its our
God given instincts as moms to pick a baby up when he is crying or tell
whether he is hungry or sleepy. Raul sometimes gives me hard time about
it because he feel like I should let him cry for a little bit. My answer is
always No. Dont get me wrong he does cry and there are times where I
get frustrated and have to leave him for I bit while I go and cool off. I
know many think that if you run to your babys cry ALL the time
he will be spoiled and what not well I dont agree with that. When
Mason cries I know he is not crying just for the heck of it or on
purpose. I know he is crying because he NEEDS something. Im sure
as he gets older he will be able to tell that if he cries he gets attention
but I feel like thats when I cant stop running to every cry. Right now he
does not know any better. He does not have the language skills a toddler
would have to he cries. For those who are parents I HIGHLY recommend
this site. I have my days when I tell myself just let him cry he will settle
down, but my heart just cant take that. I have something inside me saying
"go comfort him"

This one is very useful. It has lots of info in one place. I think anything you have questions about you can find here. This has some great info on safe ways to co sleep. YES we co sleep. When Mason first came home we tried getting him to sleep in his play pen but none of us where getting any sleep. He would sleep on it for a little but but was waking up very frequently which was making breast-feeding hard because I was so tired. So after about three weeks I think we moved Mason to our bed. We have been sleeping much better now and on his good nights he will wake up 2x to eat. I learned how to BF on my side and now he nurses while I fall back
asleep. We are much happier now and its something that works for US. One thing I read that reassured me on my decision to co sleep was that we carry our babys for 9 months (7 for me) how can we expect them all of a sudden to sleep by themselves when for the past 9 months they have been falling asleep to our heart beat and our rhythm of breathing.

La Leche League has been a life saver when it comes to BF. I did not have that much of a hard time with it as other women have told me they had. I dont know if its because we got lucky or because I was so determined to BF. I really educated myself on the subject especially since Mason was preemie. I think what helped us out the most is that he never got a bottle. He was tubed fed until he was able to eat at 34 weeks. When he was able to eat he got introduced to the breast first. BF in public is still kinda hard but I manage. Im really not the kind of person that can just flop out my boob for the world to see (if you are like that more power to you). I know people have asked me If i give him a bottle when we are out and wonder how a BF. I have a nursing cover and its nice because even though it cover Mason its design where we can still see each other and have that bond. I also have learned to BF using my sling and wrap...BF hands I plan to breast feed till Mason is ready to stop. I dont see us doing it till he is 5 or something like that i just think thats crazy (again if you do that more power to ya girlfriend). Some people have told me I need to give him water i guess thats what people back in the day use to. I have also been told to supplement because its not enough. I think this is where educating ourselves about BF comes into play. BF gives Mason everything he needs. BF children eat more that formula kids because breast milk digest quicker that formula but its not because your child is not getting enough. I have also been told "when he gets this old give him cereal or food." Again we dont plan to introduce solids till Mason is ready or when he get 6 months or older. When it comes to solids I want to see what Mason wants not what everyone else thinks he needs to be doing. Again he gets everything he need from breast milk, solids before 1 is basically practice not a nutritional supplement to breast milk
So speaking about baby food, I plan to make my own baby food and avoid
premade stuff like "Gerber". This link has recipes on how to make it and
useful info about starting your baby on solids. Even though I enjoy
nursing I am looking forward to when we can start solids. Not because
I dont want to nurse but because I get to be creative in what I will be
"mashing" up. So obviously I dont have much to say about this topic since
we have awhile till we do this.

This is another site I got from Cat. I dont really look at this one much because i cant mostly
find all the info im looking for on the Dr. Sears page but I wanted to go ahead and share it
with yall

I know these are a lot of links to one topic but we LOVE baby wearing!!! So I have a hotsling, a
bjorn and i made my own wrap. If you got to the first link mamatoto there are intructions on
how to make your own wrap.

So this was a lot of info but i hope yall find it useful
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