Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mason is 12 weeks

So Mason turned 12 weeks on Friday ( technically he is 4 weeks since he was 2 months early). I cant believe it my little guy is growing up. So he is awake more now and has started tracking. He loves to stare at the light and when I change him he looks out at the window. He enjoys taking baths but does start crying ounce I take him out and start changing him. The gray color in his eyes is going away now and he is getting is dark brown eyes. You can now tell he will have some bushy eye brows like daddy. He started giving some smiles its very cute! I have this doggy teddy bear tied to his crib and he can stare at that for a long time maybe he likes the colors. The other day it seemed like he was trying to reach for it. He does not fit into any of his preemie clothes and the NB is starting to get small too. He can now wear some 0-3 month outfits. Most of the time he wear onesies since its so hot here. His face has filled out since he was born and he has some chubby cheeks. We are still co sleeping during the night and that seems to work out best for us. We all get a lot more sleep now. I have been cloth diapering during the day when we r home and thats going good too. I still dont feel confident enough to use them at night or when we go out. Hopefully I can get to that point soon . We are still nursing and im loving it im happy I can provide the best for Mason. The days he wants to nurse a lot it does not bother me anymore and it did help that i can nurse on my side which is where co sleeping has been a life saver. I think thats about it so far
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