Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Borrowers

So this show ended yesterday I believe for those of you who did not wacth it heres what it was about:

This was an experiment where five teenage couples where given the opportunity to care for babys for three days then move on to caring a toddler, pre teen, teen and the elderly. Most of these couple wanted to have kids and this show was to let them see that parent hood is not all fun and games. This tackled an epidemic we are having on teen pregnancies. The couples where given their own house and one of them had to go to work while the other one stayed home. They basically had to live the reality of being a parent. You got to see is fast forward the different things parents have to tackle at the different age levels. At the end of the show all the couples did not want to have children anytime soon and all had ended their relationships.

So it was somewhat hard to watch this show and seeing these kids wanting to have kids of their own and the reality that this happens everyday. Teen pregnancy rates had bee going down but in the last year they have increased 42 out of 1000. I hope young people where able to see this show and get something out it like wise I hope the show was able to send the message across to our teenagers. In the reunion show they had the girls who apparently made a "pack" to get pregnant and raise their children together. At their school there are 18 girls pregnant. They also had a young lady who had her baby at 13. YES! 13 I was still playing with dolls at 13. I think its our responsibility to educate teens on this issue. For them to be smart about the decisions they make, decisions that can change their lives forever. Obviously the best way to decrease teen pregnancy is ABSTINENCE ...reality how many kids follow this. Thanks to the media and Hollywood they make sex "cool" but do not really focus on the consequences. I think many parents leave it up to the school system to educate their kids on this subject but its not working we all need to be involved in their education. We need to stop being blind and know that these kids will have sex and instead of preaching DONT DO IT we should also be telling them what their options are if they do choose to be sexually active. I feel so strongly about this subject because I saw so many of my friends get pregnant and drop out of school.

n/e if you saw the show i would love to know what you thought about it
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