Sunday, July 6, 2008

Last nights diaper change

So I have to share something that its nasty and funny. So Mason has peed while changing his diaper nothing new, he has done it a couple of times. You kinda expect that with a little boy. Well last night was completely new. He shot poop out. YES I said SHOT. It went all over the floor. Thank God it was the floor and not on him. I seriously saw this stream of poop shot from his butt to the floor. I was quick enough to close his diaper but im glad it happen to me and not Raul cause Raul would have run off letting poop go every where. Thats what he does when Mason pees so we always have to change him completely or give him another bath. Imagine if it was the poop.  N.e I just felt like sharing that it was very unexpected. 
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