Tuesday, July 1, 2008

He cries now

So when Mason came home he never cried he only made sounds and that would let me know he was hungry. Well he finally found his voice. He still only cries when he is hungry but for the last couple of days he wants to be on be allll day so Raul has named him leech..lol. The crying did get to me last night cause i was trying to feed him and he did not want it plus he had been up all night. It hurts my feeling to hear him cry that sounds weird but it does. It really is a new adjustment. We have also found out how demanding our little guy is. When he wants something he wants is now. He does not want me to get comfortable to feed him or nothing he wants it NOW.  Raul thinks its funny because he is soooo much like us already. 

Here are a few pics with daddy from the last two weeks

Raul fell asleep burping Mason. Mason loves to sleep on daddy this way so he did not mind daddy passing out.

Raul had just gotten home and is on daddy duty since mommy is of the clock..lol

My two boys sleeping

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