Monday, July 21, 2008

Bodies Exhibition

Yesterday we finally went to see the Bodies Exhibition down at Ala Moana with some friends. I have been wanting to see this for years and I am so glad it came to Hawaii. I really enjoyed it and was amazed to see the human body like that. For those of you who do not kow what it is, it real human body dissected to show bones muscles organs and all the other parts that make up the human body. When I was taking biology for nursing i had to learn all the bones and muscles of the body and now that i got to see everything so close and soooo real was amazing.

The part that I cant forget is where they showed all the veins and they do this process where basically everything is striped of and all is left is the veins in the shape of the body. You could see all the veins of the hand and it was left in that shape up to the fingers it neat. They also had a embryos for different stages of development. Raul and I both said that its weird how something sooo small in the beginning can give you so much problems. Most of the bodies where men they only had one female in the whole thing. On the female exhibit it was weird because they showed the reproductive system and it looked nothing like you see in a text book. First it was 3D and you really had to look at it to see what was what. Overall I really enjoyed it I wish it would have been a bigger exhibition
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