Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our family is complete

Masons Nurse

So here is what happen in the last week.......

I started boarding at the hospital on Saturday June 1st. It was kinda boring being there but it was all for Mason. I was able to nurse him every single feed. He has done so well latching on. We did have some issues with one side he was being very picky. The lactation consultant at Tripler helped us a lot so now we dont have a problem with that. On my first day there i had a shared room with another mom but she never shown up. For the rest of the week i was moved to a room by myself which that was nice. I had a hard time sleeping because the bed was sooooo hard. The first couple of days i kept missing the cafeteria hours cause usually thats when i was with Mason. Finally I got the hang of things.  When ever mason would wake up the would call the room phone and i would go to the NICU feed him, burp him, and changed him then i would go back to the room. He was waking up about every 2-3 hours except for the last two days we were there it was like every hour i was sooo tired....i still am and probably will be for awhile. Since i got there they took the tube in his nose out and i was kinda scared because i did not want him losing weight because he was not getting enough but he gained weight every single day. On his last night there he weighed in at 4lbs 16oz. In order for him to get released he had to be in his car seat for 90min with out any problems, on the first attempt he failed because his head dropped which closed his airways. That day i felt like we took a step back after doing so good all week. So the doctors decided they would try the car seat again on friday since he would be 35 weeks and thank GOD he passed. So then Friday he was able to room in with me. I was kinda nervous because it was the fist night i was spending the night with him. Raul was there too so i felt more comfortable if something were to happen. After a month long wait we got to bring our son home. We are super excited words cant even describe it.

Daddy showing where Mason slept & the drool spot

Last night was our first night home and i think we did pretty good. Since its the weekend and Raul does not have to work we double tagged Mason thru the night. I would nurse him and then Raul would burp and changed his diaper. Mason slept much better than the previous night so we were able to get a little more sleep. He woke up about three time during the night. He really does not cry much unless he is supper hungry. He starts fusing and he makes all sort of noises (he must be talking to himself its funny), but that usually lets me know he is hungry.

Probably this jumped around a lot but its a weeks worth of events.
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