Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a week we had

So its been a crazy two weeks for us. First i was in labor one week and then baby is here the next. Its been hard driving to the hospital everyday but it has been worth it to see Mason. Its nice to get to the hospital and for them to tell me how good he is doing.  Not only have I had lots of thing going on but like i mentioned in my last blog Raul got his wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. He was doing good all day but when he started feeling the pain he took his meds. For some reason after that he told me he was feeling very weird and that he should go to the hospital. So I drove him down there. Luckily when they examined him he was fine but they told him he cant ake those med anymore and that when they pull his wisdom teeth from the other side to ask for a different pain medication.  So since we were already at Tripler i went to see Mason. So he is doing good and they took his IV out YEAH! That means less stuff on him. Since it was his feeding time i went ahead and took is temp, changed his diaper and helped with the feeding. They gave him 20cc last night. He was still under photo-therapy but they are suppose to check this morning. Today i wont make it to the hospital till the afternoon since we did not get home till 3am and mamma has to get some sleep. NE thats its for this morning.
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