Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mason Kai Madrid is HERE!

So went into early labor this week and my son was born May 9, 2008 at 7:17 am. He weighed 3.9lbs and was 16 inch long. The doctors tried everything they could to stop he contractions and slow down the labor but baby was determined to come to this world!

I started cramping on Monday.

Tuesday i went to the hospital and they checked me and i was actually having contractions and I had effaced 50%, they gave me a shot to try to stop the contraction but it did not work. I kept me for about 5 hours and i had not changed so i went home.

Wednesday, my contractions got a little harder but i managed them my putting a rice sock on my back and abdomen and my resting all day. That night i was not able to sleep because of the contractions.

Thursday 5 am i called my midwife and she told me to come back to the hospital. My friend Leza drove me and when Raul got there they checked me again. I had dilated 1 centimeter/effaced 90%/ baby was at -2. This is where i started crying cause i knew exacly what that ment. My midwife reassured me it was nothing I had done, Some women go into premature Labor for no reason. Its was still scary, because I had taken such good care of myself. I stayed at the hospital till noon and was released because again there was no change so it seemed like it had slowed down. By this time i had been switched over to a doctor and he told me to take it easy and come back Friday at noon to check my cervix and see if anything had changed. He also said if i felt different before then to come back to the hospital. So I went home and managed my contractions by using the breathing my Bradley teacher showed us, the rice sock, birthing ball and the main thing trying to relax during the contractions. Raul also helped by massaging my back and leading on him and rocking. This really helped.

Thursday night around 9pm we decided to pack our bags grab our pillows and head out to the hospital. They checked my cervix and I was 2 centimeter/90% effaced/-1. I was admitted into the hospital and given pills to slow down/stop contraction. They did not work so as last resort i was given magnesium and put on a catheter(worse than labor). I had contractions all night, i had a great nurse that would come in and put pillows around me and warm blankets. This also helped me manage pain.

Around 2 am Doctor checked me again and i was 3cent/100%/baby at 0. They gave a steroid shot and antibiotics to help the babies lungs mature quickly. They were suppose to give me a second shot of steroids at 8am but we did not make it that far my nurse said she had to give me a pain med thru my IV, I told her i did not wanted(my whole natural birth thing) but she said that I had to take it to try to relax my uterus and slow down the contraction. Again baby was not having it, thru all this i was still having contractions. My coach Raul really helped me manage the pain during the night. During a contraction he would remind me to take deep breaths, to relax and not panic or tense up and he would massage me during the contractions. Feeling his skin really helped me. We about killed each other though cause I would constantly tell him where to massage and how to do it. Plus me moaning during the contractions was driving him nuts. Raul was very tired and would fall asleep so then i would get mad at him. Looking back now we both think its funny and laugh about it.

Around 7am I told Raul I had to go "doo doo" (exact words people) Rau said i was just panicking and needed to relax and breath. I yelled at him cause he was trying to keep me on the bed (remember i had ivs and all this stuff strapped to me, but i was determined to get up). So the doctor came in checked me and I was fully dilated. In a second all these people came into the room they took the bed apart so i could push they sat me up and the doctor broke my water (ounce again i yelled at the doc cause i wanted everything to happen natural but she said she had to break it cause i was at 10 cent already). The a nurse said if they had gotten an epidural and I was like NO we are not doing no epidural! Then a doc said something about forceps and i was like NO we are not doing that either! I had a nurse to my left and Raul to my right. Ounce again Raul was a good coach by reminding me to only hold my breath as long as "I" could and not as long as the nurse was counting. I had about three contractions held my breath about 3 time during each and Baby came out. I did not do a lot of pushing it just a couple of minutes it all came really fast. Im very proud i was somewhat able to achieve a natural child birth. It was very important for Raul and I for our son not to come out full of unnecessary meds. As soon as baby came out he was crying. They cleaned him Raul got to cut the cord and then they brought him to me.

Mason is doing great like i said he was not had to have help breathing. That was my biggest concern because his lungs at this age are not fully developed but he is a strong little guy. It was hard leaving him at the hospital but I get to go see him whenever I want. Ounce his sucking reflex gets strong we will try to breast feed. For now im just having to use a pump so he can get mommies good He is in a incubator right now to help him regulate his temperature. Ounce they move him to a crib i will be able to board at the hospital till he can come home.
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