Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Frustrating Day

So todays visit did not go well. Not because of Mason he is doing soooo good. He is out of the incubator and that is one step closer to coming home. I had an issue with his nurse today. First it was the first time she was looking after Mason. During my visit i always try to get there at 11 because thats one of his feeding times. During this time Raul and I take his temp change his diaper and i hold him kangaroo style while he eats. Its very important to me that i do this for him since i dont get to spend all day with him. Well today i got there 20 min before 11 and when i go there he was almost done with his feeding he had been changed so basically everything was done. I got very upset because thats the whole point i get there at that time. So then i wanted to hold him under my shirt and the nurse was very hesitant to undress him. From the research i have done holding a baby, especially a premie, kangaroo style is the best thing you can do. So we went back and fort about it but I hope I made it clear that this is our routine. Another thing that upset me was here views on breast feeding. I am so glad I have such good influences around me and  that I have chosen to educate myself so I can stand up for what I believe in. 
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