Sunday, May 4, 2008

28 week appt. & Bradley class #4

I had my appt. on tuesday April 29. I got he results back for the glucose test and it was good. My midwife measured my belly and it was 28 inches. It was 22 inches 4 weeks ago. My weight was 146 which she got a bit concerned because I put on 12 pounds in 4 weeks. She told me to weigh myself every week that I should be gaining about 1 pound every week. I understand every women is different and does not gain the "text book" weight. I have been eating very healthy so I know its not bad weight gain. The thing that I think about is that if I gain more weight than I need to its more work to do after the baby comes to try to burn it off. Raul could not go with me to this appointment but one question he had was if he could cut the umbilical cord with a hunting/pocket knife. My midwife thought it was kinda funny but that she did not see the problem with it if it was still packaged but she emailed the other 5 midwifes to see what they thought. So we should get our answer at our next appointment. We also discussed that my feet hand hands have been swelling. My blood pressure is good so my midwife said that some women swell and some dont so i happen to be one of the unfortunate ones that will swell.

Our Bradley class was awesome this week for me at least. We practiced relaxation and the hubbies leaned how to massage our legs and feet. It felt really good since my feet have been swollen lately. Raul did a great job with the massage! It really helped me get some of the swelling down and the next day my feet did not hurt has much. So bravo for my hunny!
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