Saturday, April 26, 2008


So im on my final trimester WHOOP WHOOP! I cant believe that in two more months Mason will be here. It has felt (so far) like its gone by so fast. From what i have experience so far my second trimester was the best. I really enjoyed feeling him move for the first time. First trimester i was very sleepy and tired all the time so that was not much fun. Now that im at the end new symptoms have popped up so that has not been fun either. The biggest thing going on right now is my feet hurt almost everyday and they swell up if i wear tennis shoes or if im on my feet a lot. The belly is now starting to get in the way especially when it comes to putting shoes or picking something from the floor. As for my feet thank God for some clogs cause thats the only thing i have been able to wear. I can feel Mason on the move much more now. It has gotten to the point where i can see my stomach moving its sooo COOL! There are times where its been uncomfortable but i still enjoy it.

Our Bradley classes are going great! We had our 4th class this past thursday. Honestly i was kinda lost on this weeks class because it was about timing your contractions and when the other would start. I am not good with time so yeah i was lost. I have to give it up to Raul because when the teacher asked questions he was the only one that knew the answers. So im not stressing if i dont understand that 100% because my Coach Raul will be timing my contractions and all i have to do is make sure i relax and dont tense up.

Ill be going home to GA for a week in May. Im very excited to see my family and i know they really want to see how i look with my tummy. Im really excited about my baby shower there and hopefully ill get to see all my friends. Right now we are hoping Raul will get to come with me, but we are still waiting for permission from the army so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Work is going good very easy and they have been working really well with me when it comes to our childbirth classes and doc appointments.

This week coming up i have my appointment at Tripler. Monday i have to do the glucose test which i am not really looking forward to it because i have to drip this thing and wait a hour then they will check me. Later that day we have our Labor & Delivery tour and do our pre registration. Im looking forward to the tour and seeing what everything looks like. Also i cant believe its time to pre register for the day off. CRAZY.

So tomorrow we have church and I will later be at Leslies for our book club meeting. The book that we will be discussing is "Remember Me?" I really looking forward to spending some time with the gals and chit chatting.

As for Raul he is still going to school and will have finals in May. Nothing much has been going on with him but he has not been buying anything for Mason and i know its been a struggle for both of us but we decided that we need to stop buying stuff until after the baby shower since we will have a better idea of what we will need. Raul became an uncle for the first time today. His brother Armandos girlfriend had their baby girl today. She is beautiful and we cant wait to meet her!
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