Friday, April 4, 2008

Two Good Books

So i just finished reading My Sister Keeper by Jodi Picoult and Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. I really recommend these two they were really good.
"My Sisters Keeper" was about a family who had their younger daughter so she could donate blood, bone marrow to save her older sister who was dying. The story line was really good, and you feel what each of he characters go thru because they each tell their own story. I really liked that about this book.
Im a big fan of Nicholas Sparks books so i was not disappointed at all by "Dear John." The main Character is in the Army and falls in love with a girl when he is home on leave. I could really relate to this story since Raul is in the Army and i know how hard it is to have a relationship when they deploy. The best part i think was how John and his fathers relationship grew i got teary eyed in the last chapter about his dad it was very emotinal. I think this is my favorite book other than "The Notebook" that He has written.
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