Monday, April 28, 2008

L&D Tour and Glucose test today

So this morning I had to take the glucose test. It was okay the one I took tasted like orange soda with tons and tons of sugar. I thought I would be able to leave the clinic and walk around the PX or something but no I had to sit in the waiting area for an hour. I did not have nothing to read or anything so I just sat there. In the afternoon we had our Labor and delivery tour. There were about 6 couples doing the tour. Some brought their toddlers and it kinda drove me nuts because the head nurse was telling us the procedures and information that we needed and i could hardly hear cause this one kid cried and yelled the whole time. Im hoping my kid does not pull crap like that. N/E we went to the delivery room, which was quit nice (compared to other hospitals i have seen) and it was really big. They have jacuzzi tubs and the bed is quit interesting. They pull stuff out and take stuff off and has bars for you to squat, whatever you may need right during labor. After that we went to the mommy baby room where they take you after the delivery and where people can come see you. It made me feel comfortable that in the delivery room they wont let visitors pop in while you are in labor. God forbid someone walks in and im butt naked or something. Im trying to achieve a natural childbirth so any distractions would not help me or my coach hubby. Its nice to know that we have the choice of what goes on.

After that I stopped by the mall and bought some jeans at Motherhood. I definitely dont need anymore bottoms but my tops are starting to be to short so i need to be on the lookout for some cute inexpensive tops. N/e that was my day today. Tomorrow I have my OB app and will find out the results of the glucose test and get a RH shot since im RH neg.
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