Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bradley Childbirth Class

So we started our childbirth classes tonight and they went very well. There are three other couples taking the class with us. At first I thought today was not going to very interesting because it had to do with nutrition and i had already taken a nutrition class, but I learned new things. The instructor suggested good foods and drinks to eat during the different stages of labor. After discussing good nutrition she went over the breathing you should during labor which is nothing like the Lamaze breathing. The Bradley breathing is a lot more relaxing and its sort of like the yoga breathing. Then she went over different exercises that we should be doing to prepare for labor, which consist of squats, kegels, butterflies. She should us what we should do to help the baby move away from the take bone to help relieve some discomfort. We also went thru what my coach (Raul) should do to help me relax and not tense up during labor. What I enjoyed the most is that we actually got to practice everything she discussed with us and our homework is to do these movements these weeks. Over all I liked the class, as for Raul he was kinda bored but he did very well when it came time to do the hands on work.
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