Monday, April 28, 2008

L&D Tour and Glucose test today

So this morning I had to take the glucose test. It was okay the one I took tasted like orange soda with tons and tons of sugar. I thought I would be able to leave the clinic and walk around the PX or something but no I had to sit in the waiting area for an hour. I did not have nothing to read or anything so I just sat there. In the afternoon we had our Labor and delivery tour. There were about 6 couples doing the tour. Some brought their toddlers and it kinda drove me nuts because the head nurse was telling us the procedures and information that we needed and i could hardly hear cause this one kid cried and yelled the whole time. Im hoping my kid does not pull crap like that. N/E we went to the delivery room, which was quit nice (compared to other hospitals i have seen) and it was really big. They have jacuzzi tubs and the bed is quit interesting. They pull stuff out and take stuff off and has bars for you to squat, whatever you may need right during labor. After that we went to the mommy baby room where they take you after the delivery and where people can come see you. It made me feel comfortable that in the delivery room they wont let visitors pop in while you are in labor. God forbid someone walks in and im butt naked or something. Im trying to achieve a natural childbirth so any distractions would not help me or my coach hubby. Its nice to know that we have the choice of what goes on.

After that I stopped by the mall and bought some jeans at Motherhood. I definitely dont need anymore bottoms but my tops are starting to be to short so i need to be on the lookout for some cute inexpensive tops. N/e that was my day today. Tomorrow I have my OB app and will find out the results of the glucose test and get a RH shot since im RH neg.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Book Club

So today I slept in and shame on me because I could not even wake up for church. I had our book club meeting today to discuss the book "Remember me?" and it was hosted by Leslie. I enjoyed spending time with the gals and chatting up. Its always very interesting how questions from the book can always be related to real life. Its funny how we always go off to some other conversation but it is always fun the things we come up with. I stayed at Leslies for awhile and waited for the guys to come back from their little man get together. Then again the things we come up with to talk about. So today again my hands and feet have been bugging me but i have my next appointment on Tuesday so i will be discussing it with my midwife. So that was my day today and now Im catching up with my Tivo recordings.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


So im on my final trimester WHOOP WHOOP! I cant believe that in two more months Mason will be here. It has felt (so far) like its gone by so fast. From what i have experience so far my second trimester was the best. I really enjoyed feeling him move for the first time. First trimester i was very sleepy and tired all the time so that was not much fun. Now that im at the end new symptoms have popped up so that has not been fun either. The biggest thing going on right now is my feet hurt almost everyday and they swell up if i wear tennis shoes or if im on my feet a lot. The belly is now starting to get in the way especially when it comes to putting shoes or picking something from the floor. As for my feet thank God for some clogs cause thats the only thing i have been able to wear. I can feel Mason on the move much more now. It has gotten to the point where i can see my stomach moving its sooo COOL! There are times where its been uncomfortable but i still enjoy it.

Our Bradley classes are going great! We had our 4th class this past thursday. Honestly i was kinda lost on this weeks class because it was about timing your contractions and when the other would start. I am not good with time so yeah i was lost. I have to give it up to Raul because when the teacher asked questions he was the only one that knew the answers. So im not stressing if i dont understand that 100% because my Coach Raul will be timing my contractions and all i have to do is make sure i relax and dont tense up.

Ill be going home to GA for a week in May. Im very excited to see my family and i know they really want to see how i look with my tummy. Im really excited about my baby shower there and hopefully ill get to see all my friends. Right now we are hoping Raul will get to come with me, but we are still waiting for permission from the army so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Work is going good very easy and they have been working really well with me when it comes to our childbirth classes and doc appointments.

This week coming up i have my appointment at Tripler. Monday i have to do the glucose test which i am not really looking forward to it because i have to drip this thing and wait a hour then they will check me. Later that day we have our Labor & Delivery tour and do our pre registration. Im looking forward to the tour and seeing what everything looks like. Also i cant believe its time to pre register for the day off. CRAZY.

So tomorrow we have church and I will later be at Leslies for our book club meeting. The book that we will be discussing is "Remember Me?" I really looking forward to spending some time with the gals and chit chatting.

As for Raul he is still going to school and will have finals in May. Nothing much has been going on with him but he has not been buying anything for Mason and i know its been a struggle for both of us but we decided that we need to stop buying stuff until after the baby shower since we will have a better idea of what we will need. Raul became an uncle for the first time today. His brother Armandos girlfriend had their baby girl today. She is beautiful and we cant wait to meet her!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Masons 1st Jordans

My friend Suzzet came by the other day and brought me the cutes little shoes ever. Raul had been looking for a pair of Jordans for Mason, but all he could find were the heavy kind. Well these are just perfect for him, I cant wait till he can wear them so he can look like daddy.

THANKS Suzzet!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Masons Furniture

We got Masons Furniture in a couple of weeks ago. USA BABY was having a one day sale so we took advantage of it. So n/e we bought the set that included the crib, dresser, and changing table. I found some cute baskets at Ross and i just love the colors from the lining. So our theme is going to be sports since daddy is really into that. Im thinking im going to paint the ceiling like the sky but we still have not came up with many painting ideas.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

2nd Bradley Class

So we had our second class last night and it went well. Raul and i were pretty tired yesterday so it was kinda hard to concentrate. Last night was all about nutrition and eating healthy. I think im doing good with what i choose to eat. I still have problems avoiding chips. So our homework assignment is to keep record of everything i eat. Today i did very well i ate everything i need to except i did not have a fruit but i did have a strawberry yogurt maybe that can count as my So anyways after class we ate at Red Lobster. Theres only one in the island and its on the other side of where we live. Our classes are downtown so we went ahead and had dinner there plus i was wanting a salad with their biscuits mmmmmm.

I had to work tonight and that went well, and i also started reading "Remember Me?" by Sophie Kinsella.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So recently I started Facebook. I did not know much about it but I had heard from it from my Canadian friend Leanne. I FINALLY got a hold of Isela and found out she had one so i went ahead and opened an account so I can keep in touch with this working girl. To my surprised I found a lot of my friends from high school one there. So now im a facebook junky. Its been awesome making contact with so many people and finding out what they have been up to. Most of them are married, engaged or have children. I feel like things have been going by so fast and it felt good to remember all the good times we had.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Two Good Books

So i just finished reading My Sister Keeper by Jodi Picoult and Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. I really recommend these two they were really good.
"My Sisters Keeper" was about a family who had their younger daughter so she could donate blood, bone marrow to save her older sister who was dying. The story line was really good, and you feel what each of he characters go thru because they each tell their own story. I really liked that about this book.
Im a big fan of Nicholas Sparks books so i was not disappointed at all by "Dear John." The main Character is in the Army and falls in love with a girl when he is home on leave. I could really relate to this story since Raul is in the Army and i know how hard it is to have a relationship when they deploy. The best part i think was how John and his fathers relationship grew i got teary eyed in the last chapter about his dad it was very emotinal. I think this is my favorite book other than "The Notebook" that He has written.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bradley Childbirth Class

So we started our childbirth classes tonight and they went very well. There are three other couples taking the class with us. At first I thought today was not going to very interesting because it had to do with nutrition and i had already taken a nutrition class, but I learned new things. The instructor suggested good foods and drinks to eat during the different stages of labor. After discussing good nutrition she went over the breathing you should during labor which is nothing like the Lamaze breathing. The Bradley breathing is a lot more relaxing and its sort of like the yoga breathing. Then she went over different exercises that we should be doing to prepare for labor, which consist of squats, kegels, butterflies. She should us what we should do to help the baby move away from the take bone to help relieve some discomfort. We also went thru what my coach (Raul) should do to help me relax and not tense up during labor. What I enjoyed the most is that we actually got to practice everything she discussed with us and our homework is to do these movements these weeks. Over all I liked the class, as for Raul he was kinda bored but he did very well when it came time to do the hands on work.