Friday, March 21, 2008

Part Time Job

So yesterday I started working part time at the Tropics. Something to keep me busy till Mason is born. From what I experience yesterday its a good job for being preggo. Basically all I do is sit by the front door and make sure everyone swipes their ID into the computer. Also they will teach me how to run the coffee bar and mix the drinks, just in case the girl in there needs help or if she needs to run to the bathroom. It was very slow yesterday not a lot of people come in there. It gets busy for lunch but really only like 30 people came in so its very steady. I go back on saturday, Raul says it gets more busy on the weekends cause they have arcade games and beer. I met another lady in there who is also due in july and she is Hispanic so finally I can speak to some one in my own language. N.E hopefully this will keep me busy, and plus instead of sitting at home doing nothing I can sit there and earn a couple of bucks for doing it!
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