Friday, March 28, 2008

I've been attacked again!

So ounce again i am getting this cold that has been going around for awhile now. As most of yall know it hit me pretty hard last month but i got over it thank God. Well after starting my new job and being exposed to so many people with who knows what kind of germs im getting sick again! So im kinda frustrated today and feeling like crap. On the good side we had our doctors appointment today and Masons heart beat was normal exactly were its suppose to be. Its still weird to know that there is a lil guy in there. They measured my tummy and its 22 inch 3 inch smaller than were i am but my midwife said that around 25 weeks it usually measures smaller or larger than were you are at. We sign up for Bradley childbirth classes and we start them next wednesday. Im sooo excited about them and am looking forward to getting educated about the birthing process. My goal is to have a natural childbirth so this class will teach me how to reduce some pain. Im sure Raul is not as excited as me because this whole labor thing freaks him out, and it probably does that help that i make him watch all these abby shows. Ill let yall know how or first class goes and how my coach Raul does.
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